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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I love free. I have always loves going to events where free samples are being handed out. I used to go down to the Sam’s club and eat all the samples they had and sometimes it was like eating a full meal. I would go to radio stations where they were giving away free food along with concert tickets movie tickets, and cds.

Not too long ago we took my parents to see a model home that had a radio promo going on. They were giving away a very nice meal. There was bbq, slaw, and potato salad from Red White and Hot BBQ. They also had free pizza and dip dots. As there usually is at a live remote there were prizes and Mom, Dad, Darryl, and I walked away with free Cds and free fries coupons from McDonalds.

I’ve been getting lots of free samples lately. They are just so very convenient for travel. The fact that they often come in a small box just makes it exciting for me to open the mail. Darryl finds it crazy but that’s how I feel. Yesterday I received a free sample of Aquafresh Extreme Clean. In that same mail deliver were three samples of Jergens lotion.

One is Shea Butter, one is Skin Smoothing, and the other is Ultra Healthy. Since I used moisturizer every day this is great. They are in the small packets and I can just slip them into my cosmetic bag. You’d be surprised at the number of hotels that have stopped putting shampoo in your room. Now I always bring my own.

I have decided along with keeping up with my coupon savings I will document my freebies which don’t include what I get from sweeping. Trust me I get coupons for free things from sweeping but I just feel this is a different place to put them.


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This is my second attempt to contact you. You are the winner of the Baby Huggables Giveaway at my blog Adventures in Mommyland. You have until noon tomorrow (wednesday) to claim your prize. Hope to hear from you!

Regards, Mary

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