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Friday, December 12, 2008

Firemom's Stop Drop and Spread the Holiday Mag

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During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is little time to pause and reflect on the meaning of Christmas. We place a great deal of expectations on the holidays. As children we looked forward to the joy of the season: all the presents we would get, all the great food and treats. The spirit of giving seems to be diluted by commercialism. This year the harsh economic times has touched my family. My husband was one of the half a million people laid off his job during the holiday season.

In spite of this we plan to celebrate the true meaning of the holidays. We are looking at ways in which we can give from the heart to family, friends, and our community. We know that tough times will come and go and it is up to us to find a way to meet the challenge. I’d like to share some of the ways we are planning to embrace the spirit of Christmas. We hope to set an example to others about how you can make your holiday season a more joyous occasion spreading the cheer through volunteerism.

Food Banks

Food banks are open year-round, but Christmas is the time of year when they provide special meals and are always in need of extra help. With the ever shrinking economy many food banks are faced with empty shelves and greater need. I am able to stretch our food dollar by combining coupons and sales. Often I get items for free. I contribute food and even non-food products like toothpaste and diapers.

Women’s Shelters and Homeless Shelters

Women's shelters and homeless shelters are always in need of extra hands during the holiday season. You and your family can also brighten up the season by sponsoring a family for the holidays. I feel very strongly about helping out at the local women’s shelter because years ago I was in an abusive relationship. I was fortunately because I had family to shelter me. Simple hygiene products are always welcome because often these women flee with the clothes on their back. Once again thanks to coupons and sales I’m able to donate these things to the local shelter. I’m one of those stockpiler people you’ve heard about. One other nice thing to donate is panties. This year Victoria Secret sent me several coupons for free ladies panties. I pick them up and put them aside as part of my donations.

Operation Shoe Box

By filling a shoebox with goodies, gifts, school supplies, hygiene products and more, you can reach out to children who are suffering around the world. These gifts are distributed to more than 95 countries to impoverished children. What better way to send the message of giving to help another who is less fortunate. Again thank goodness for coupons, sales, and the dollar store. You reap what you sow and you should always remember that there are always those in more need than you even when you personally feel overwhelmed.

What The HP Magic Giveaway Means to Us

Winning this giveaway would touch many lives. Not just mine, not just my family, but the lives of my students. We are just one of many families who have been touched by these difficult economic times. Many people in my place could say that they deserve these computers by virtue of their great need. I would also ask that you examine the impact that these computers would make on the lives of my family and students. I have been teaching for seventeen years and I’m very proud of my students and want them to succeed. Let me outline just what kind of impact this win would make below: I would love to donate one of these computers to my school, Rome High School. . We were recently recognized by the US News & World Report as a Bronze Level High School. This is in spite of the fact that 52.2% of our students are classified as Disadvantaged (a measure of student poverty usually based on the number of students eligible for free or reduced lunch). Check out our numbers they will amaze you. Many of my students still do not have access to current technology and winning this package would allow me to help in that respect.

I would like to share at least one of the computers with my son Michael. Michael is attending college through his service in the Army National Guard. He will soon be taking a break from his studies to be stationed in Iraq. I would love to be able to buy him a computer so he can keep in touch with his family and friends as well as take classes online. We can't do that right now because my husband just lost his job. Michael is an outstanding college student with a personal commitment to volunteerism and enhancing civic life in his community. While serving his country he embodies the true spirit of civic engagement and volunteerism as well as a commitment to academic excellence.

My son Dan is going through a difficult time this year. He has returned to college to pursue the degree he left behind to raise a family. He is working two jobs to support his family and take classes to enable him to get a better job. I admire what he’s doing. I wish I could help him by giving him a computer of his own so he wouldn’t have to share it with the kids. Dan is such a great young man. He cares deeply about others and is committed to his family, friends, church, and community.

My husband can use a new computer and printer to assist in his job search. This recent round of lay-offs is the worse they have seen in twenty eight years and my husband is going to face stiff competition for jobs that are available. Having a resume that is polished and professionally produced will help him obtain an interview. Darryl is a loving and caring husband, father, and grandfather and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this lifetime.

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